The New Paradigm in Education

We are on a mission to bring education to the 21st Century!

We believe that the current model is preparing children for a world that no longer exists.

We aim to give them a new adventure to equip them with the skills and tools to thrive

in the world that will be!

Each child learns very differently and deserves an experience
that honors their individuality while mentoring them to succeed.

The online learning industry has a 70-97% student dropout rate.

That is outrageous and unworthy of the students it claims to support.
Watch how we guide our students to success through engaging and fun learning videos,
provide step-by-step guides and motivation through gamification!

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If you are looking for some awesome programs for your kids check out what Alt Ed Academy is doing! I've witnessed the development of businesses from their students first hand and it's spectacular. We need more of this!
Fred T
Montreal, Canada

7 Years in the Making!

Over the past 7 years we’ve helped children become published authors, speak on stages and launch physical product businesses.
They’ve won awards on, been featured in local book stores, made wholesale agreements with local businesses, and engaged in e-commerce with our support in creating landing pages, demo videos and building websites with online stores.

Collectively, they’ve earned several thousand dollars to invest in college, future business ventures, and whatever their hearts desire!

Along the way they’ve inspired many of their young peers to reframe the way they view and experience education.

Each child has to climb their own mountain

Here’s what you get within the membership to support your child’s adventure to their peak.

The Courses

Our step-by-step accelerated learning courses will help your child turn their ideas into incredibly engaging and educational projects.

The Coaching

Join us every month for live group coaching sessions. Get help, ask questions, brainstorm and break through.

The Resources

Everyone learns differently so we’ve built all of the resources they need – videos, audio and pdf guides – within every course we offer.

The Resources

Everyone learns differently so we’ve built all of the resources they need – videos, audio and pdf guides – within every course we offer.

The Future

We’ll show your children what it really takes to succeed, and we’ll provide honest, constructive feedback along the way.

The Motivation

Learning & Growing can be hard. We’ll keep your children (and you) motivated with fun challenges, big rewards and accountability.

I didn't expect that watching the Learning Success videos was going to touch me so profoundly. I have to say, I feel really seen, heard and valued in these videos, and those gut-trembling conversations we've had regarding the failings of the educational system have blossomed into an embracing curriculum. I'm wowed!
Alison Seveon
Expressive Arts Therapist

Our Flagship Courses

How to Get The Most From Online Learning

Unleash Your Heroic Voice!

Unleash The Author Within

Intro To Entrepreneurship

Plus many more...

Build A Financial Foundation

Manage Money in a Digital Age

Video Creation Secrets

Build Your Brand

How To Tackle Time

Set Goals The SMART Way

Create Your Own Website

Video Editing Like a Pro (advanced course)

Setup Your Online Store

Storytelling Secrets

Launch Your Business

Build Your Brand

As an All-Access Member You Get These Amazing Benefits!

4 x 1-on-1 Mentor Calls per Year

Every 3 months of membership you get a private 1-on-1 mentorship/coaching call to check in about your learning path and support any questions or aspirations that come up.

Parent Facebook Support Group

As parent educators we understand the need for support and the ability to share with others about how we can understand and guide the specific needs of our children as they learn & grow. Find the support you need in our private community!

Exclusive Offers for Members

Every child's needs and journey is unique. As a member you'll have the option to add additional coaching calls as necessary. We offer these to you at a special rate.

Points = Prizes

We have a unique system of how and why we issue points based on your participation and personal achievements along your journey. This mimics life by adding occasional external rewards for your internal drive and focus.

Community Calls

We connect children from varied cultures around the world to interact and share ideas through our moderated call system that operates under a respectful code of honor.​

Certificates & Transcripts

For every course your child completes they'll get a printable certificate that you can add to their student file - this supports homeschooling transcripts and college applications. * Full year transcripts from our private school are available.

Youthful Imagination

Long before the internet, families and tribes would sit together and discuss new ideas, concepts and strategies.
It was through these discussions that the youth would garner wisdom and the elders would be revitalized through child-like imagination.
We are committed to developing channels where adults and children can collaborate, innovate and find solutions for tomorrow’s problems.

Social Accountability.

The challenges that face the world today will be the environment that our children inherit. We believe that involving them in the discussions to find sustainable solutions is not only ethical, it gives the opportunity for them to feel accountable and acknowledged for their part in creating their future.

Do you agree?  
We invite you to join our movement!

Will you join our mission to transform online education?

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